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Pelvic Floor Assessment

Many people are unaware that physiotherapy can help with their pelvic floor problems. We have staff with specialist training that assess and treat this area, Treatment is effective in the majority of cases or we can refer on to the right person.

Assessments are carried out in a private, secure environment by a female physiotherapist. You will be asked in detail about your problem and medical history. An internal assessment with your consent. The pelvic floor muscles can be felt just inside the opening to the vagina. The assessment can tell us how strong or weak the pelvic floor is.

We need your permission and signed consent before we can do this examination. It is your right to say “no” if you do not want to be examined, even after you have given consent. However, an important marker to assess the effectiveness of the treatment will be missing. You can also choose to have a chaperone with you. This may be a friend or a female member of our team.

The results of the full assessment will be discussed with you. Treatment options and a bespoke programme of  physiotherapy will be provided.